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The traditional way of managing any skin problem is to go topical using creams, cleansers, moisturizers and other cosmetics as external skincare is the quickest method to deliver active ingredients to the skin. In the late 1980s, Swedish biochemist Ake Dahlgren pioneered the concept of skincare from within. Known as the Father of “Internal Skincare”, Dahlgren states that skin cells are capable of absorbing nutrients (bioavailability) – thus improving the skin’s appearance. For example, phytoceramides capsules are now increasingly popular as an anti-aging supplement for preserving youthful skin. And the next big thing? Synthesized skincare or “bi-directional beauty” that combines ingestible supplements and topical applications into a holistic system.

The Limitation Of Topical Skincare

Biochemist Dr Frank Schonlau explains that the skin’s dermis layer is “constantly regenerating as old cells in the epidermis are shed and replaced by new ones.” This continuous process of cell division and renewal necessarily requires a commensurate amount of nutritional components. A lack of these important nutrients will quickly reveal itself through the skin becoming rough and dry. More importantly, topical skincare cannot compensate for this deficiency which Dr Schonlau says can be only be resolved from within. “Only a healthy level of microcirculation will improve the look of your skin, so it is important for a topical product to be used with an ingestible.” Agreeing, biomedical scientist Dr Joosang Park adds that the nutrients “replenish age-related loss of the skin dermal matrix…helping regain volume, turgidity, and suppleness.”

Beauty From Within More Enduring

Increasingly, nutricosmetics are touted as a genuine and lasting way to enhance skin youth and health. Topical cosmeceuticals, on the other hand, are viewed as short-term and surface-level band-aids. Many consumers are also realizing the timeless truth of “you are what you eat”. If you smoke, eat junk food and are in the sun most of the time, they will damage your skin and putting a $500 cream on your face won’t make much difference. “You can’t just put creams or topicals on and think that it’s going to reverse the signs of aging,” explains Lauren Clardy, a nutricosmetics doyen with over 25 years of industry experience.

In-Out Skincare The Way Forward

In fact, the dual skincare concept has been in the market for a while. Nivea has its cellulite-buster range comprising a nutricosmetics pill and a cream to reduce the “orange peel” appearance caused by cellulite. Noah’s Naturals’ anti-aging skincare treatment consists of three topical formulations and one powdered beverage mix. Nevertheless, Ceramiracle brand founder and CEO Eugene He feels that the market still lacks a preeminent leader that is able to “elegantly fuse inner wellness with external beauty” and envisions Ceramiracle to be that primus inter pares brand. The California based nutricosmetics brand will soon introduce its anti-aging concentrate – First Light The Serum – to complement its award-winning and bestselling First Light Ceramides Skin Supplement beauty capsule.

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