The Eternal Quest For Fountain Of Youth

Beating Father Time has been one of man’s timeless quests. The Greek poet Homer considered old age “loathsome”; Shakespeare described aging as a “hideous winter”; and Mark Twain said that “if we could only be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18″. To preserve her youthful beauty, Cleopatra bathed in the milk of asses. Alexander the Great searched for the river where its water was believed to possess anti-aging properties. A few years ago, a former premier of a South Asian country attributed his longevity to drinking urine at least twice daily!

Wrinkles As Badge Of Honor

Centuries ago when the average lifespan of man was fifty years, wrinkles were seen as a symbol of wisdom and earned the elders respect for having lived a long life. Not anymore. Visible signs of aging are now regarded as physical impairments that need to be deferred or reversed. Youthful beauty has become a power cloak coveted not just by Hollywood stars but also Main Street folks. As author Staness Jonekos of Eat Like A Woman notes, “Thou shalt not lose your youth and beauty in LA. Breaking this unwritten commandment can contribute to job-related age discrimination, result in a divorce or secure a spot in the never-married line.”

Nip And Tuck – Bang For The Buck?

Options abound depending on the depth of your pocket. ‘There are some really good treatments [and] a lot more evidence-based research showing that these treatments really work,’ says Dr Nick Lowe, an internationally renowned consultant dermatologist. From fillers to botox to plastic surgery, anti-aging has evolved from quaint quackery to hard science boasting drugs and techniques that can make people look decades younger. Moreover, new procedures have reduced the necessity of full facelifts. Jonekos spent $1,200 at a dermatologist to banish
“a growing colony of spider veins and brown spots”. When they returned six months later, she went for the cheaper spray on tan alternative at just $36 per session.

Beauty Creams And Capsules

This is the default age-defying strategy for many people which is usually also the most economically viable. With greater consumer education and awareness, many are now augmenting their topical skincare regimen with nutricosmetics – beauty capsules that provide the nutrients required to boost skin health and youth. As Ceramiracle founder Eugene He explains, “The skin’s dermis layer is constantly regenerating as old cells are shed and replaced by new ones. This renewal process requires a commensurate amount of nutritional components which cannot be met by topical skincare alone and needs to be resolved from within. So it’s best to have an ingestible and topical set like the First Light Skin Supplement and The Serum
that works synergistically to give you the best results.”

The Science Of Skin Aging
Homemade Beauty Brews

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