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Many people think that they are doing the best skincare just because they are applying face creams and cleansers. However, not many feel that they are winning the war on fine lines and wrinkles. This is because bags and sags, coarse skin texture, dull skin tone and dark shadows load up the years even more. The good news is there’s a great deal you can do to ‘stop the drop’ without going under the knife. Let’s look at some bare essentials that really work to make your skin look and feel younger – and save you a fortune on facelift fees!

Moisturize Regularly

To work its magic, a moisturizer needs to be lavishly applied every morning and night. So get one that you can afford to spread generously on the face, outsides of eyes, forehead, neck, chin and cheeks every single day. If you’re on a budget, just buy a day-time moisturizer that sinks in quickly rather than a heavy-duty night cream or oil which does its work while you sleep. Drinking lots of water also helps to improve the skin’s condition. Many people have reported that increasing their water intake has given their skin a more radiant glow.

Best Skincare: Don’t Give Face To The Sun

A little fun in the sun is a great relaxer and can do wonders for the spirit and body. Just make sure that you have adequate protection. Top of the list will be a quality topical sunscreen that is SPF 30 and contains zinc oxide (zinc is a traditional remedy for treating skin conditions such as warts or even hyperpigmentation). Dark glasses, a hat and oral sun defense supplement would give you a stronger shield against sun damage. As commonly known, studies show that both UVA and UVB rays from the sun cause premature skin aging: they damage the thin layers of the skin, destroy collagen and elastin fibers, cause red thread veins and encourage the formation of wrinkles.

Face Yoga For Skin Health And Youth

Believe it or not, a tense face promotes wrinkles – especially around the forehead, eyes and bridge of nose. People tend to look much younger when they are sleeping peacefully because the expression lines are smoothened away. Likewise, if anger and misery rule your life more than happiness and peace, your face will bear witness as you get older. To keep your face relaxed: unclench your teeth and de-stress the eye area by applying some pressure with the middle fingers just inside each inner eyebrow for 20 seconds. Repeat this with fingers placed below the outer eye on the edge of the socket bone.

Avoid A ‘Yo-Yo’ Weight

One of the best skincare is to maintain a reasonable weight, keep it steady and don’t get too thin. If your weight see-saws by more than six kilograms, your face may lose its natural ‘padding’ of fat which helps to plump out lines. This will lead to fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Also, shedding the kilos fast and furious usually results in loose skin that hangs on the body – much like the oversized clothes from a weightier past would. The longer you’ve been obese, the less elastic your skin will be and it is unlikely to snap back. Like a balloon, once deflated, it doesn’t go back to its original shape.

Collagen – The “Power Glue” Within
Glutathione – The Body’s “Supreme Antioxidant”

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