Skincare In The Skies

Have you ever been on a long flight and dreaded the way you looked when you landed? Indeed, air travel tends to take its toll on the skin because of the dry pressurized cabin air which causes the skin to be dull and rough. Explaining the science of it, aesthetician Renée Rouleau says that low humidity leads air to replenish moisture “by pulling it from anything nearby — your skin included.” Thus dry complexions get worse while oily skin becomes greasier to make up for the loss of moisture. The good thing is that putting up an effective skincare in the skies strategy is quite easy!

Recommended Pre-flight Rituals

Skincare experts emphasize the importance of traveling with well-cleansed skin and recommend the avoidance of makeup and application of double layers of moisturizer. This is because the skin does not get enough oxygen during flight time due to the recycled air, it does not get cleansed thoroughly. This will result in tired, dehydrated and sensitive skin. Also, drinking plenty of water to ensure your skin is properly hydrated is an important part of your skincare in the skies strategy. If you have time, you should also apply a hydrating skin mask the night before to cleanse your skin and remove dead cells. 

In-Flight Water & Oil Parade

Nutritional therapist Petronella Ravenshear consider long-haul flights as “the ultimate dehydrators” and advise drinking a liter or water before taking off and at least ½ liter every hour on board to ensure adequate hydration for your body. Aesthetician Rouleau recommends facial oil or oil-based beautifiers as it will inject hydration into the skin by creating a protective seal that keeps moisture in and prevents evaporation. For the oily skin type, apply two drops on the hour while those with dry skin can use up to four drops. She also cautions against using facial mists and water-based lotions or masks as most contain moisture-attracting ingredients which dehydrate the skin further.

Plane Foods Bad For Skincare In The Skies

Some people view flying as therapy and would want to avail themselves of the full onboard services from entertainment to food and beverages. From a skincare in the skies perspective, however, it is best to avoid caffeinated drinks, salt and alcohol as they add to dehydration. And what are skin-friendly in-flight meals? Apples, unsalted nuts, green salad, a chicken breast or sashimi and boiled eggs. Additionally, you can include the award-winning FIRST LIGHT Ceramides Skin Supplement that contains ingredients clinically proven to boost skin hydration and moisturization.


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