Skincare Hacks For All Seasons

At zero degrees Celsius, the cold sucks out moisture from the skin making it more sensitive. Further drops in temperature will cause the skin to be dry, red and rough. Conversely, the rise in UV Index to level 6 during summer can cause sunburn in half an hour if you have fair skin and have not put on sunscreen. Seasons change – and so should our skincare regimen to keep the largest organ of our body healthy and youthful. “Just as you change your clothes with changing temperatures you should do the same with your skincare,” says dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe.

A New Spring For Skin

As you welcome back the warm weather and start enjoying the outdoors again, remember to apply sunscreen lotion with an SPF level appropriate for your skin type. For those with lighter skin tone and freckles, their skin is more sensitive to UV rays and they can strengthen their skin resilience by taking INVI-SUN Skin Defense Supplement’s one a day capsule formula. Powered by NutroxSun® from Spain – a skin protective complex containing a proprietary extraction of grapefruit and rosemary that is clinically studied to improve skin resistance to UV damage – INVI-SUN also boasts powerful antioxidants with photo-protective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Skincare In Summer

Remember the golden rule: there is no such thing as a healthy tan – any sign of it means the skin has been damaged. Studies show that the sun’s UVA and UVB rays cause premature skin aging: they damage the thin layers of the skin, destroy collagen and elastin fibers, cause red thread veins and encourage the formation of wrinkles. While a little fun in the sun can do wonders for the spirit and body, ensure that you have adequate protection. Top of the list is a quality topical sunscreen that is SPF 30 and contains zinc oxide (zinc is a traditional remedy for treating skin conditions such as warts and hyperpigmentation). Dark glasses, a hat, long-sleeved top and INVI-SUN would also give you a stronger shield against sun damage – just pop one or two capsules an hour before heading outdoors.

TLC For Skin In Autumn And Winter

The low humidity levels during the cool and cold months suck out moisture from your skin leaving it dry and flaky. As such, extra TLC (tender loving care) is needed and experts recommend replacing the lightweight summer moisturizer with richer and more nourishing alternatives such as a heavy-duty face cream. Some also suggest lathering the body, arms and legs with a rich bath oil or moisturizing body cleanser that creates a creamy film on the skin to provide a stronger barrier against loss of moisture. You could also boost skin hydration from within by ingesting the award-winning First Light Ceramides Skin Supplement daily. Its proprietary blend of skin-loving nutrients is clinically proven to improve skin moisturization and boost skin hydration in just 15 days.

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