Meet The Alchemist For Agelessness

With a babysitter mom, Eugene was virtually surrounded by babies during his growing-up years. And while each was unique and special in his own way, one thing they shared in common was the immaculate, soft and smooth skin. “I could never forget the first time I held a baby – pristine beauty at its purest best!” recalls Eugene. His grandma – on the hand – was understandably at the other end of the continuum with thin, dry, crepey, and pigmented skin. The stark contrast often made Eugene wonder if wrinkles and saggy skin were “inevitable bookends in the passage of time” or could these visible signs of age, in fact, be halted and even reversed? His eureka moment came while reading a fable about fulfilling your destiny when the book’s protagonist gushed about the sages of the Himalayas:

“Even though advanced in their years,
none of them had wrinkles.
None of them looked old.”

From then on, Eugene made it his life mission to demystify the mysteries of aging and be the alchemist for agelessness.

The Breakthrough

Trained as a clinical naturopath, Eugene discovered during his research on a botanical foundation for a health formula that certain phytonutrients – when ingested – delivered positive effects in diminishing the visible signs of aging. “When I noticed significant improvements in my skin, I knew I was onto something special,” reminisces Eugene. It was this serendipitous discovery that led to the creation of First Light Ceramides Skin Supplement and eventually the birth of Ceramiracle.

The one-a-day beauty capsule made a successful market debut in July 2015 and remains Ceramiracle’s bestselling product to date. It also won the Best New Skincare Supplement award within a year. When asked what he thought catapulted the supplement to stardom within a short period of time, Eugene believed it was the supplement’s promise of effortless skincare with exceptional results. “Just a pop every night to better hydrate and moisturize your skin – it doesn’t get any easier than that!”

As for the underlying science of the product’s formula that supports skin health and skin youth, Eugene explains that people generally consume an average of just 0.3mg ceramides daily while about 30mg of ceramides is required daily to achieve “clinically proven skin moisturization activity – which is what’s in the First Light Skin Supplement.”

The Brand Storm

Eugene was well known among his peers as the man with the Midas touch for his knack in concocting customized beauty potions for their individual skin problems. So when the time came to start his own skincare brand, Eugene wanted a name that would capture the joy of sharing his handmade miracles of the past, and embody his alchemistic bent in creating new and novel beauty elixirs. His moment of epiphany came when Doris Day’s timeless classic Que Sera Sera floated into his mind one night. Eugene quickly scribbled the brainwave that had just hit him: CERAMIRACLE. The perfect aural proxy for “share-a-miracle”, it also epitomized the ethos he envisaged for the brand: a global game-changer, gritty, glamorous and graceful.

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