Glutathione – Goodness Galore!

In the article Glutathione – the body’s “Supreme Antioxidant”, the importance of having ample glutathione levels was highlighted and that every adult ought to keep a close watch on their glutathione levels as it is the most natural and effective way for the body to protect itself. For the sick and elderly, it is even more critical that they supplement their glutathione levels to ensure good health and well-being. In this follow-up feature, let’s take a closer look at the specific health benefits of this most powerful antioxidant.

Ally For Anti-Aging

Many people are concerned with the effects of Father Time and want to maintain their youthful features for as long as they can. The skin is the first line of defense against infections and diseases while the biggest threats to healthy skin are free radicals and oxidative damage as they destroy cells in the body, leaving you feeling fatigued, unhealthy and aged. The good news is, while chronological aging may be unavoidable, the biological and cosmetic aspects of it can be managed by ensuring healthy levels of glutathione in your body. As the most powerful antioxidant, glutathione’s acclaimed age-defying properties can help improve the quality of your skin, reduce wrinkles and nurture a radiant glow in your complexion. This is done by eliminating free radicals, preventing their formation and converting toxins into easily removable benign substances. Many experts also believe in glutathione’s efficacy as a skin whitener and brightener due to its ability to reduce melanin – the pigment that gives skin its color – resulting in the appearance of fairer and clearer skin.

Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Did you know that inflammation is regarded as a predominant cause of virtually every disease known and plays a debilitating role in most chronic ailments? From back pain to arthritis to fibromyalgia to cancer, they all start with inflammation and tend to strike when the glutathione levels in your body are low, making it vulnerable to mitochondrial superoxide production and oxidative protein/DNA damage. Although inflammation is a natural defense mechanism in the body and part of the healing process, it can lead to severe health issues if persists longer than necessary. Pumping up your body’s glutathione count can help prevent the development of prolonged and harmful inflammation. So, this most powerful antioxidant is really beneficial to the body’s defenses. 

Grub Grabs For Glutathione

Thankfully, Mother Nature has provided this most powerful antioxidant and its precursors in many everyday foods, fruits and vegetables that we consume such as apples, bananas, broccoli, carrots, garlic, onions, oranges, peaches, peppers, potatoes and melon. So it should not be too difficult for anyone to ensure that those foods are part of their daily diet. Additionally, you can add nutraceuticals – a fortified food or dietary supplement that provides health benefits in addition to its basic nutritional value – such as the Ceramides Skin Supplement by Ceramiracle that contains glutathione as one of its key ingredients.

Most Powerful Antioxidant: Champion Of Liver Health

Glutathione is found in its highest concentrations in the liver – the body’s most important detoxifying organ – therefore heavily involved in the detoxification of the body and closely linked to liver health and function. When glutathione levels are high, the workload put on the liver is reduced, allowing it time and chance to repair itself. As such, maintaining good liver health is one of the most beneficial things you could do for your health as it reduces body toxicity and supports immune health. In fact, many medical practitioners assert that glutathione is the single most important nutrient and most powerful antioxidant to support and maintain good liver health due to its roles in metabolism, blood sugar control, digestion and detoxification.

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