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Healthy and beautiful skin – who doesn’t want it? Especially in this age where appearance and first impressions matter greatly, looking good is more than just a vanity project – there is a practical and tangible value to it. Our earlier blog posts have touched upon the essential rituals in skincare such as hydration and moisturization. We’ll now cover the tell-tale signs that your skin is not in the best of health and that you ought to examine your current skincare regimen to see if it is adequate and effective. As dermatologists like to say: the skin can be a window to your underlying health thus it deserves your best attention and care. So check your skin health now.

Dry Skin Alert

Dry skin lacks oil and the obvious sign is when there are red and rough patches on parts of your body such as arms and lower legs. The “itch-scratch” cycle then follows especially during sleep which worsens the situation. If left untreated, it could lead to cracked skin, peeling and even bleeding. Some aestheticians recommend plant-based oils because of their effectiveness in creating a layer that locks in moisture. On the other hand, skin doctors meanwhile prefer lotions and creams as they penetrate deeper and don’t clog pores. Find a remedy that works best for your skin and consult a specialist if your skin condition deteriorates.

And Dehydrated Skin Is…

Dehydration is caused by the loss of water, resulting in the skin looking dull and feeling tight. You may even feel a burning sensation. Take the pinch test: gently squeeze your cheek and if fine lines appear, then your skin is dehydrated! And your skin could be dry, dehydrated or both; yes – there’s a difference between dry and dehydrated skin even though the symptoms can be similar. Reasons for dehydration include not drinking enough water or a diet high in salt, so you need to identify what’s causing yours. For a start, limit your shower time to under 15 minutes as a longer bath can strip oils from your skin thus making it prone to dryness. Also, for better skin health, apply moisturizer immediately after showering to nourish the skin with oils and nutrients.

Acne – The Annoying One

A clear indication of unhealthy skin, acne has a few triggers ranging from bacteria causing pimple breakouts to overproduction of oil and irregular shedding of dead skin cells. While not dangerous, acne can leave skin cars. Depending on the severity of the problem, acne treatment can be as simple as using over-the-counter creams or taking powerful – and inevitably pricey – acne drugs. College student Zee Ross was on one such medication for a year to manage her frequent pimple breakouts. “It was costly but effective for me although the cost was prohibitive,” she recalled. And remember grandma’s advice: never pop a pimple because it forces bacteria into surrounding tissues under the skin and will worsen your acne problems.

Skin Health: Dark Spots Danger

Also known as hyperpigmentation, there are several causes for dark spots on the skin with harmful UV rays being one chief culprit. So always take your sun care precautions seriously: when going out in the sun, apply sunblock and put on a hat plus shades; also, take oral sun defense supplements like INVI-SUN daily. Common treatment methods to reduce black spots include bleaching medications containing mild steroids and the more expensive laser therapy or cryotherapy (freezing of the skin). Dark spots can also be caused by liver disease and pituitary tumors which will require urgent medical attention. So keep a lookout for the signs on your skin as they do indeed speak the loudest about your health – albeit without uttering a word.

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