Biohacking Past And Present

In broad terms, biohacking is the practice of using science, biology, and self-experimentation to achieve an optimum state of self mentally, physically and even aesthetically. As professional biohacker Dave Asprey explains, “You can hack your own biology and gain control of systems in your body that you would never have access to.” Asprey has used biohacking to manage his weight, alter his cognition and improve his health and is renowned for his unique coffee brew which was inspired by Tibetan yak-butter tea.

The Original Biohackers

Check out the history books and one realizes that man has been biohacking throughout the ages. “Since the ancient Greeks, people have been trying to improve health. Calling it hacking is just putting a techy, 21st-century name on it,” says Marc Hellerstein, a professor of metabolic nutrition at the University of California at Berkeley. The Taoists of ancient China – one of the original biohackers in history – had even tried their hands in channeling sexual energy into productivity and health. So make no mistake; biohacking is as old as the hills.

Biohacking For Youthful Skin

Skincare experts believe that we can biohack the skin to change its type, slow down the aging process and achieve healthy and younger-looking skin – all without surgery. They say that the key to skin renaissance and ultimately skin perfection “lies within – it just needs to be activated.” How? By utilizing the body’s natural ability to correct and heal itself through the infusion of organic and potent functional compounds that have been combined and clinically studied to work synergistically for improving skin conditions. 

Inside-Outside Biohacking

Nutricosmetics leader Ceramiracle recently introduced its first-ever topical beauty concentrate First Light The Serum to complement its award-winning beauty capsule First Light Skin Supplement. Boasting >99% natural ingredients and >95% active ingredients, The Serum contains natural actives similarly found in vernix caseosa – the thick, white wax-like substance that coats babies for weeks before birth – and mimics its intense hydration and skin nourishing properties to bring back baby soft skin. The oral supplement revitalizes and rejuvenates skin from within by significantly reducing wrinkles after 2 weeks with a 15% increase in skin elasticity.

Beauty, Forever Yours

Research has shown that synthesized skincare that combines ingestible supplements and topical applications into a holistic system is the best way to maintain healthy, youthful and beautiful skin. As Ceramiracle founder Eugene He explains, “The skin’s dermis layer is constantly regenerating as old cells are shed and replaced by new ones. This renewal process requires a commensurate amount of nutritional components which can only be resolved from within as topical skincare on its own is inadequate. So it’s best to have an ingestible and topical set like the First Light pair that works synergistically to give you the best results.”

Second Coming Of Baby Soft Skin
Celebrity Beauty Rules

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