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Eugene He was just one-year old when German band Alphaville released its worldwide hit single Forever Young. Little did he know that the title of the power ballad would thirty years later become the raison d'être for an exciting and novel enterprise championed by him: to research and harness the gifts of nature to preserve beauty. His eureka moment came while reading a fable about fulfilling your destiny when the book’s protagonist gushed about the sages of the Himalayas:

“Even though advanced in their years,
none of them had wrinkles.
None of them looked old.”

The award-winning naturopath had finally found his life’s calling – to make Beauty, Forever Yours. And his quest to immortalize youthful beauty took him to many parts of the world in search of rare ingredients, and renowned laboratories for scientific collaborations and partnerships to develop the world’s leading anti-aging skincare solutions.


The French connection and collaboration is established via SEPPIC, a renowned designer and supplier of innovative specialty ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutrition markets. It is also a recognized leader in the fields of chemistry, formulation and objectification covering biology, immunology and the transformation of natural products.

From Spain, there is Monteloeder - a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of specialty botanicals, innovative ingredients and formulations derived mainly from the Mediterranean flora but offering different health properties, for their commercial clients in the nutrition and cosmetics industry. Each and every ingredient by SEPPIC and Monteloeder is backed by sound and rigorous scientific research plus solid technical and scientific dossier to support all efficacy studies.

After years of research and collaboration with international laboratories and cosmetic scientists including extensive in vivo experiments involving volunteers, Ceramiracle was ready to make its mark in the nutricosmetics industry.


In line with its vision to become the primus inter pares nutricosmetics brand that elegantly fuses inner wellness and external beauty, Ceramiracle develops both ingestible supplements and topical skincare applications that are convenient for daily use to deliver clear and visible results.

Each Ceramiracle product innovation is the result of several years of systematic research and development, powered by clinically studied-ingredients and backed by evidence-based scientific support. And every proprietary complex is formulated after robust and rigorous testing to ensure its universal suitability and gentle efficacy on all skin types.