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  • Supplements as insurance against diet gaps

    According to media reports, consumers spent billions of dollars on supplements annually with multivitamins, calcium and Vitamin C pills being the most popular ones. Skincare supplements are also becoming more popular as more people embrace the concept of nurturing beauty from within. If you’re not into pill popping yet, should you jump on and start taking them too?For example, through our diet, we consume on average 0.3mg of ceramides daily. To achieve clinically proven skin moisturization activities from ceramides at 30mg a day, we will have to eat ten times the volume of food, which is not a practical solution.

  • Sun smart in seconds

    Man’s early relationship with the sun was defined by awe, wonder and reverence. In the last few decades, however, the affable affiliation has been replaced by alarmist sentiments with the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays causing skin cancer dominating the narrative. The immanent abundance of the sun’s life-giving benefits is often overlooked and sometimes forgotten. We are told that ‘A’ is for aging and ‘B’ is for burn: UVA is responsible for photo-aging while UVB causes sunburn.

  • Skincare hacks for all seasons

    At zero degrees Celsius, the cold sucks out moisture from the skin making it more sensitive. Further drops in temperature will cause the skin to be dry, red and rough. Conversely, the rise in UV Index to level 6 during summer can cause sunburn in half an hour if you have fair skin and have not put on sunscreen. Seasons change – and so should our skincare regimen to keep the largest organ of our body healthy and youthful. "Just as you change your clothes with changing temperatures you should do the same with your skincare," says dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe.

  • Discover the beauty secret in this plant

    For centuries, gynostemmapentaphyllum (gynostemma in short, also known as jiaogulan) has been a famed herb acclaimed for its efficacy in remedying various ailments from treating hematuria to combating obesity to promoting longevity. A member of the cucumber family that grows mainly in Vietnam, Korea, China and Japan, it is also widely used in the skin and beauty care due to its powerful antioxidant properties and anti-aging effects on the skin. From a folk remedy to promoting longevity to an elixir of beauty, gynostemma does it all!

  • Are you your skin's worst enemy?

    It was Roman politician Cicero who said that “man is his worst own enemy” and this is especially true when it comes to skincare – or should it be carelessness? Genetics and congenital attributes (nature) aside, there are many personal and lifestyle habits (nurture) that damage the skin, causing it to atrophy and make you look beyond your years. Coffee drinking is a good example: it contains caffeine which acts like a diuretic and prevents the body from holding on to water, causing the skin to be dry and rough.And yet, millions of people start their day with a cup of coffee! Check out other seemingly harmless but actually anti-skin habits that you could be doing, unknowingly perhaps.

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