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  • Celebrity Beauty Rules

    While celebrities – artistes and media personalities with a high public profile – have beauty professionals to ensure they always look stunning, many of them also have their own personal routine. From eating cooked tomatoes to drinking spearmint tea and snacking on starfruit, you’d be surprised at just how ordinary their daily vanity must-dos can be. Do you know why wetting your lips to keep them moisturized is not just wrong but bad? What's the link between lack of sleep and acne? You'll find the answer in Ceramiracle's founder Eugene He's Five Commandments Of Good Skin! Plus, watch makeup maestro Clarence Lee - who has dolled up stars such as Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi - share his mantras for healthy skin.

  • Biohacking Past And Present

    In broad terms, biohacking is the practice of using science, biology, and self-experimentation to achieve an optimum state of self mentally, physically and even aesthetically. For example, skincare experts believe that we can biohack the skin to change its type, slow down the aging process and achieve healthy and younger-looking skin – all without surgery. They say that the key to skin renaissance and ultimately skin perfection “lies within – it just needs to be activated.” How? By utilizing the body’s natural ability to correct and heal itself through the infusion of organic and potent functional compounds that have been combined and clinically studied to work synergistically for improving skin conditions.

  • Bringing back baby soft skin

    When a baby is born, she is blessed with beautiful and smooth skin because of vernix caseosa – a thick, white and wax-like substance often hailed as a baby’s “first beauty product”. This natural moisturizer and protectant covers, moisturizes and protects a baby’s delicate skin and develops on a baby’s skin while in the womb and stays on throughout until birth. The vernix also protects baby from infections: according to a publication in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, it contains antimicrobial proteins that are active against group B strep, E. coli and other common perinatal pathogens.Without the vernix’s protection, a newborn’s skin would be like a wrinkled prune - just think of your fingers developing wrinkles after swimming or taking a long bath.

  • Trending now: Twincosmetics

    The traditional way of managing any skin problem is to go topical using creams, cleansers, moisturizers and other cosmetics as external skincare is the quickest method to deliver active ingredients to the skin. In the late 1980s, Swedish biochemist Ake Dahlgren pioneered the concept of skincare from within. Known as the Father of “Internal Skincare”, Dahlgren states that skin cells are capable of absorbing nutrients (bioavailability) - thus improving skin’s appearance. For example, phytoceramides capsules are now increasingly popular as an anti-aging supplement for preserving youthful skin. And the next big thing? Synthesized skincare or “bi-directional beauty” that combines ingestible supplements and topical applications into a 360-degree holistic system.

  • Beautiful skin - eat’s the way!

    Co-founder of Women To Women, Marcelle Pick, puts it aptly when she said that to nurture beautiful skin, the solution lies in “what you put in your body than what you put on your skin.” Nutricosmetics are natural health supplements formulated to support the structure, function, appearance and health of the skin, hair and nails by nourishing the body to bring out beauty from within. Swedish biochemist Ake Dahlgren, known as the Father of “Internal Skincare”, postulates that skin cells are capable of absorbing nutrients (bioavailability) - thus improving skin’s appearance. For example, phytoceramides are now widely regarded as a potent ingredient for preserving youthful and healthy skin, and are widely used in anti-aging skincare products. So you can literally eat your way to a lovely skin.

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